Why Choose Us?

We only use highly qualified mother tongue professional translators who translate into their native language. They are of the very highest standard, with a proven track record in their specialist translation field.

All of our translation services are handled by an experienced project management team, who will advise you and keep you informed of your project’s status at all times.

To ensure consistency in future projects, we always aim to use the same translation team. Glossaries are routinely compiled and any necessary research is included as part of our translation service. Trados and other CAT tools can also be used where applicable.

Translations requiring proofreading are carefully checked by a proofreader or second independent mother tongue translator prior to dispatch, not just for accuracy, spelling and grammar, but also for style and consistency in terminology.

We are confident that the commitment to translation quality, service and long-term partnerships will make us an invaluable asset to your team, whatever type of translation service you require.


One Stop Solution

Challenges facing the customers:


Escalating need for localization in the face of accelerating globalization.


Increasing need for multi-language services: English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Thai, German, French, Spanish and other European and Asian languages.


Need for full suite of services: document translation, software and website localization, desktop publishing and software testing. Interpretation services for different occasions, such as training courses, international exhibitions and conferences, business negotiations, seminars and colloquia, product launches and promotions, press conferences, diplomatic activities, etc. Efficiency and response time of execution by the localization services providers. High expenses, cultural differences, and service quality.


To address these challenges, enterprises need a multi-language provider offering a one-stop solution. WelBizsolution, with its strong professional capability, is able to provide the most cost-effective solution for all your international projects, helping you stay ahead of the curve in a globalized world.


Our Solutions

Single point of contact: WelBizsolution will assign a specific, named Project Manager (PM) as the single point of contact for the customer for all its tasks. Our one-to-one service reduces complication and simplifies communication, bringing efficiency and convenience to the project for the customer.


Integrated & customized solutions: Based on specific customer requirements, and employing technologies, methodologies and best practices adhering to industry standards, WelBizsolution provides integrated and customized solutions that shorten project life cycles, lower operating costs and achieve synchronized launches globally.


Professional excellence: Project teams are made up of experienced industry experts with in-depth professional expertise to ensure that how the customer’s products are perceived internationally meets their expectations.

Reuse of language material: Maintain language material. Support the reuse of language material to increase precision and consistency, and to shorten project life cycles and lower costs.


Efficient and transparent: PMs will liaise closely with the customer on planning and managing the process and schedule of each project, coordinating with the relevant team during the entire project, and updating the customer in real time on the status of the project.


Safe and reliable: Mitigate risks and reduce setbacks by anticipating potential problems before the project starts and proposing a range of feasible solutions for the customer. Safeguard the confidentiality of the customers’ knowledge-based assets while the project is ongoing.


Benefits of working with WelBizsolution


Reduce complicated coordination and lower labor cost through simplified work flows. Gain market initiative by enabling faster product launches through shorter project lifecycle. Facilitate brand-building and -promotion through standardized and well-coordinated services. Increase transparency through highly efficient work-flow control and monitoring. Reduce unnecessary costs by supporting the reuse of language material.


Make your life easier! Choose WelBizsolution as your multi-language service vendor for one-stop language solution.




IT & Software


In the software industry, you face the pressure due to agile and general new developments to roll out multiple software releases in a large number of languages across multiple sales and marketing channels. This fascinating industry brought new technologies which are changing the general layout of software industry and bringing new opportunities for its development.


The rapid development of technologies brings serious challenges to translation industry: a huge amount of data in various formats to be coped with at the early stage of software development, constant changes and integrated testing all the way through α & β testing, and parallel tasks to be carefully handled at both development and marketing sides to meet RTM (Ready for Manufacture) and product launch deadline.


Typical demands


With regular software releases and delays in their launch date, you need the flexibility for your supporting material to modify according to features and timelines. Language service vender must have the capability to deal with large volume of data within short time in order to implemented minor changes in a timely manner.


Technical strength


Under most circumstances, source code is unavailable. Language service vender should be capable of talking with developer regarding very technical matters, so as to identify and fix the bugs efficiently.


Consistency throughout the contents

Changes need to be reflected timely across all the materials, including software UI, help files, user manual, product brochure etc. With marketing teams dispersed around the world, you also need to provide a consistent experience to global customers through the website At the same time, your campaigns need to reflect global consistency but also be adapted to local cultural experiences




Globalization made the world as one. Trades inside among countries increase day by day. Certainly, a well understanding for the laws and regulations for target country seems strongly essential.


Refer to this demand, legal documents coming from different countries then will need to be uniformed as one language in order to make communication easier.


This job is assigned to localization companies, which will be able to help to translate those legal documents and information.


Typical demands

Being professional is a critical requirement for legal industry. Accuracy, expertise, and professional form the base of trust relationship between localization companies and the client.


In legal industry, any law-related issue is sensitive and meticulous. Thus, the products must be undertaken by highly professional experts to make sure the final products delivered to client could meet the strict requirements setting up in this industry.


In addition, laws or regulations will have updates every period of time. In this case, experts must be well informed and give fast response to these updates. As a result, reliable and effective information will be provided while existing policies also can be implemented effectively and stably.


In legal industry, to establish a long term corporation relationship with client needs us to deliver stable and reliable language services.





In a constant state of flux, the international evolution of the financial services industry can be quite the challenge for any size organization. WelBizsolution has the experience and expertise to customize a translation/localization strategy fitted for any cross-cultural objectives. With WelBizsolution in your corner, you’ll now have a partner that provides you the valuable insight, high-quality proficiency and cost-efficiency necessary to compete in the global marketplace.


Typical demands


Finance area has its characterized industrial requirements and habits of users in transnational services. Thus, close attention is necessary when dealing with finance-related translations. Meanwhile, all the descriptions for financial products must accord with the traditional culture and expression habits. Any relative laws or regulations must be translated precisely without ambiguities to avoid misunderstanding.

To gain strong competitiveness within the market, companies must have quick response. This would then enable an in time update for documents to ensure effective and stable implementation of current policies and provide professional and excellent services for customers.



Education & E-Learning


Overseas employees, clients and partners are more equitably trained in their local languages with localized images that depict related scenarios and situations. Effective education and eLearning initiatives along with progressive changes in business requirements and advances in technology can mean all the difference in a competitive environment. Ultimately, localized training courseware increases learner performance and satisfaction.


Typical demands


Source materials like audio, video, images, texts, subtitles, animation and other interactive types of files are often included in training and eLearning course types:
• Computer-based training (CBT)
• Web-based training (WBT)
• Instructor-led training (ILT)
• Shareable content object reference model (SCORM)-compliant training
• Self-paced assessment/certification programs
• Blended programs and modules for a wide range of disciplines.





WelBizsolution is a leading provider of language services and technology solutions to the world’s largest and most recognized OEMs, suppliers, and parts & service retailers. With 3 offices and linguists in 100+ countries, we help our automotive clients grow their international business. Our automotive team is comprised of specialized project managers, localization engineers, desktop publishers, and linguists. With hands-on experience in the automotive industry, this highly skilled team caters to the language needs of OEMs, suppliers, parts & service retailers, and owner service providers.



Travel & Hospitality


As connections and relationships between countries becomes stronger and closer, more and more people realize traveling is much easier than before and you are able to experience a different culture or visiting your business partner who are geographically away within just a couple hours flight. The whole big world has become such a “small” village. Just because of that, traveling industry has been developing rapidly ever since and thus has tremendous demand for localization for it’s local target.


Typical demands


City or country or any places’ names have to be official. With the official name provided, reader is able to do research on internet to find out more information about it. Meanwhile translators have to have extensive knowledge and experience.




In a global business environment, ensuring your products and services are launched and delivered successfully across a host of international regions is absolutely key. That’s why we ensure each global region understands and engages with all of your communications on a range of levels.


This is called ‘localization’ and we achieve it by translating and adapting languages not only to countries, but to specific regions by matching the cultural, technical and business requirements of all your target markets. Localization covers your website, software, marketing material and eLearning modules. Our specialists will support your every step of the way.


What Do We Offer?


Areas of Specialization


WelBizsolution localizes all types of materials, in all mediums, on all platforms. Many areas in which we are experts include the following:

Software Online applications Multi-media outputs of all types, Flash Websites Training materials, Marketing materials, E-learning solutions, Business systems (ERP, CRM, Database).


Software Localization


Through a full range of software localization services, WelBizsolution helps clients succeed in the global market by localizing their products and software applications into any language. Our process ensures that all localized software is functionally, linguistically and culturally flawless.


Software localization involves separate and distinct workflows for the adaptation of the user-interface help files, and technical documentation. However, these separate processes must be coordinated and leveraged in order to ensure the maximum cost savings, fastest time-to-market, and greatest consistency in the final product.

WelBizsolution uses industry best practices and the latest technology to facilitate, and whenever possible, automate, each step of the software localization process. From the initial identification and extraction of localizable elements, to the re-engineering and final testing of multiple language versions, quality is built into every stage of the software localization process.


Our software localization engineers will take on complex and seemingly daunting tasks, quickly break them down into their key components, and apply a process-oriented methodology that has led to the successful localization of countless software products and applications. Whether we are creating a build environment, resizing dialogue boxes, tracking and fixing bugs, managing version control, writing test scripts, or simply taking screen shots, our software localization engineers combine the industry’s most advanced technical knowledge with a client-focused sense of urgency. The result is nothing less than the most comprehensive software localization solution available in the industry.


Website Localization

Nowadays, as a company’s direct window to the world and a major marketing tool, the Website becomes the primary port of call for information and services. Creating a sustainable localized Website is the first and most crucial step in a globalization strategy. Website localization involves much more than just translation. It is a complex process that involves project management, translation and review, quality assurance, online testing, in-time updates, and the reuse of previous content, modifying the existing Website to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to the target audience. All these may be done in an environment with multiple time zones, business practices and legal systems. And with more content being developed and needing to be localized, content management becomes increasingly complex.


WelBizsolution is highly expert in providing website translation for 50+ global languages, whether it is in HTML, ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, PERL, XML, Dynamic Multimedia, and Streaming Media. In addition to linguistic and technical localization, we provide services for SEO and website customized services for special target language. We can work closely with client’s CMS to provide seamless website localization.


Analysis: extraction of translatable contents and analysis of your Website Translation: translation of the contents (from plain HTML to server-side code, Flash animations, etc.)
Integration & testing: creation of the website in the target languages and testing of the integrated site. From beginning to end, you can put the localization and integration of your global Internet presence in our hands and so save the costs of an internal multilingual multimedia.


We strongly believe that no two clients are the same and that the solutions we put forward should reflect that. We are technology agnostic and take a consultative approach to scoping, mapping and executing our client’s website translation and localization projects. That said, there are some general methodologies that we apply to each website translation project that allow us to guarantee success.


Contact us today to find out more about our localization service.


Localization Consulting


Why We Need Localization Consulting ?


Are you planning to sell your products in global markets? What if the world does want your products but you did not get them ready for market?


Choose WelBizsolution, choose the best quality and solution. We help you find the right way to develop multilingual content and product management. Our consultants will help you prepare for the complexity of technical and cultural realities overseas.


When localizing a product there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. The first and possibly the most prominently considered is language translation. However, other aspects include: weights and measures, currency, time zones, date and time format, local spelling (i.e. British English colour and American English color), local content, local customs, etc… In order to gain the greatest acceptance, a product must have the “look and feel” of the local market. The bottom line is if the language in your software, marketing materials or product materials contains errors or even seemingly minor cultural mistakes, you won’t stand a chance. WelBizsolution understands all these issues and provides you consultation to overcome these issues.


Why Choose Us?

Enabling “World-Ready” Globalization Solutions


WelBizsolution provides localization consulting to establish the business process and technical foundation for enabling multilingual communication. Communicating across linguistic and cultural barriers is a challenge that goes far beyond translating words. It also requires business processes to support the complexities of making that communication happen, and technology that is “world-ready” — meaning that it can be modified easily for any global or ethnic domestic market. If digital assets or business processes are not world-ready, it will be prohibitively costly and time-consuming to extend communication to new markets and languages, and virtually impossible to manage ongoing localization processes.


Furthermore, WelBizsolution’s localization consulting services enable businesses to implement world-ready internet solutions. Whether organizations require technology design and code internationalization, help in planning business processes for localization, or other globalization services, WelBizsolution’s localization consulting can assist in establishing and maintaining an effective multilingual presence.

Helping Businesses Achieve Their Globalization Objectives

WelBizsolution’s localization consulting services help organizations achieve the following objectives:

Minimize the risks associated with launching globalization initiatives by ensuring that sound business processes and world-ready technology are in place before deployment of a global website


Optimize technology and business processes for expansion to minimize the time and expense required to reach new clients and markets


Reduce the cost of translation and localization processes and speed time-to-market through automation, coordination, and streamlining of processes


Leverage existing information and technology assets for multilingual audiences rather than “starting from scratch” for each new initiative


Enhance productivity of internal resources by automating many processes associated with developing and managing multilingual content


Ensuring quality of localization consulting


In addition, WelBizsolution’s localization consulting specialist will assess your products and materials validity for the new market, taking into account the special nuances of each location. You will be working with a team of translators and linguists who have experienced working in a foreign environment as well as have worked with foreign companies in their native setting. They will translate your materials into the local language as well as take into account local customs and formats. It will prevent you from making embarrassing mistakes or even worse, mistakes causing legal action. We specialize in delivering quality and accuracy by using professionals at every stage of the translation and localization process. This will give your current and potential customers the confidence that you understand their needs, and give you an edge for success.


Contact us today to find out more about our localization consulting solution.