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8 senior qual. researchers and 4 senior quan. researchers, all of whom work in-house and boast an average 10+ years’ experience, well exposed to nearly all industries, capable of leading projects responsibly and independently; • 3 expert consultants with solid backgrounds in many professions, able liaise with many high level professionals and officials.


Fieldwork team:

 10+ 内部招聘顾问, a dedicated team of 25+ full/part-time supervisors, and multiple partner agencies in all main cities , able to support most different areas of research projects


Translation team

• 30+ translators, including several native proofreaders, to support at any time throughout all stages of a research project, especially during recruitment, moderation and report delivery.


工作经验,,en,以来,,en,同声传译和书面翻译,,en,一年经验,,en,奥斯汀拥有超过,,en,在市场研究领域多年的经验作为一个熟练的同声传译和书面翻译,,en,保持平移/解释IDIS,,en,烟气脱硫,,en,书面材料,如指南,,en,安检员,,en,成绩单和TNS的报告,,en,GFK,,en,尼尔森,,en,益普索,,en,Qualvu等多家市场研究公司超过,,en,年份,,en,曾经解释各类研究的有关汽车,,en,IT软件和电子产品,,en,卫生保健,,en,时尚等,,en,和大多经历了研究,,en,汽车/ IT软件和电子产品/ FMCG,,en,以下是最近的一些项目的一些例子,,en,外观和路虎的定位,,en,同时解释,,en,老板IDIS,,en,新的配置,,en,BMW的用户体验,,en,IDIS,,en,备件采购奔驰的渠道,,en

自从 2006: Simultaneous Interpreter and written translator (7-year experience)
Austin has over 7 years experience in market research industry as a skilled simultaneous interpreter and written translator. Kept translating/interpreting IDIs, FGDs, written materials like Guidelines, Screeners, Transcripts and Reports for TNS, GFK, Nielsen, Ipsos, Qualvu and many other market research companies for over 7 years.
Ever interpreted various types of researches related to automobile, IT software and electronic products, personal care, healthcare, food, fashion and so on, and is mostly experienced in studies of: Automobile/IT software and electronic products/FMCG. The following are some examples of recent projects:

  • Appearance and Positioning of Land Rover, simultaneous interpreted 10 owner IDIs (上海);
  • New Configurations’ User Experience of BMW, simultaneous interpreted 5 FGDs & 25 IDIs
  • Spare Parts Purchasing Channel of Benz, simultaneous interpreted 9 IDIs (上海);
  • 大众汽车的外观和内饰的需求,,en,IBM数据中心和桌面移动产品和服务满意度调查,,en,戴尔广告概念测试,,en,消费者和IDIS,,en,推销员IDIS,,en,CRC和非小细胞肺癌治疗研究,,en,上海和北京,,en,科勒净水器商业视觉研究,,en,烟气脱硫P,,en,摹品客消费习惯家访,,en,TVC广告测试,,en,厦门,,en,福州,,en, simultaneous interpreted 3 IDIs & 5 FGDs;
  • IBM Data Center and Desktop Mobility Products and Services Satisfaction Survey, simultaneous interpreted 5 FGDs;
  • Dell Advertising Concept Test, simultaneous interpreted 6 consumer IDIs and 6 salesman IDIs;
  • CRC and NSCLC treatment study, simultaneous interpreted 40 IDIs (Shanghai and Beijing);
  • Kohler Water Purifier Commercial Vision study, simultaneous interpreted 6 FGDs P&G Pringles Consuming Habit Home visit, simultaneous interpreted 10 IDIs (上海);
  • AB-InBev, TVC ad testing, simultaneous interpreted 6 FGDs (Xiamen & Fuzhou).