Challenges facing the customers:

Escalating need for localization in the face of accelerating globalization.
Increasing need for multi-language services: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Thai and other European and Asian languages.
Need for full suite of services: document translation, software and website localization, desktop publishing and software testing. Interpretation services for different occasions, such as training courses, international exhibitions and conferences, business negotiations, seminars and colloquia, product launches and promotions, press conferences, diplomatic activities, etc.
Efficiency and response time of execution by the localization services providers.
High expenses, cultural differences, and service quality.

To address these challenges, enterprises need a multi-language provider offering a one-stop solution. EC Innovations, with its strong professional capability, is able to provide the most cost-effective solution for all your international projects, helping you stay ahead of the curve in a globalized world.

Our Solutions

Single point of contact: EC Innovations will assign a specific, named Project Manager (PM) as the single point of contact for the customer for all its tasks. Our one-to-one service reduces complication and simplifies communication, bringing efficiency and convenience to the project for the customer.
Integrated & customized solutions: Based on specific customer requirements, and employing technologies, methodologies and best practices adhering to industry standards, EC Innovations provides integrated and customized solutions that shorten project life cycles, lower operating costs and achieve synchronized launches globally.
Professional excellence: Project teams are made up of experienced industry experts with in-depth professional expertise to ensure that how the customer’s products are perceived internationally meets their expectations.
Reuse of language material: Maintain language material. Support the reuse of language material to increase precision and consistency, and to shorten project life cycles and lower costs.
Efficient and transparent: PMs will liaise closely with the customer on planning and managing the process and schedule of each project, coordinating with the relevant team during the entire project, and updating the customer in real time on the status of the project.
Safe and reliable: Mitigate risks and reduce setbacks by anticipating potential problems before the project starts and proposing a range of feasible solutions for the customer. Safeguard the confidentiality of the customers’ knowledge-based assets while the project is ongoing.

Benefits of working with EC Innovations

Reduce complicated coordination and lower labor cost through simplified work flows.
Gain market initiative by enabling faster product launches through shorter project lifecycle.
Facilitate brand-building and -promotion through standardized and well-coordinated services.
Increase transparency through highly efficient work-flow control and monitoring.
Reduce unnecessary costs by supporting the reuse of language material.

Make your life easier! Choose EC Innovations as your multi-language service vendor for one-stop language solution.

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