In 1997, there was a group of language enthusiasts who witness firsthand how challenging it was to communicate among people of different cultures, history and languages especially as the world becomes more and more borderless with open trades, exchange trade mission trips, prevalence of easy communication over internet around the globe and globalized organizational structures. What can possibly help to fill in the gap to empower communications that could effectively bring across the original meaning of the message with its content intact and yet being fully understood by another part of the globe that speaks a different language and lives in a different culture?

This was the burning passion that fired up the hearts of our founders of Welbizsolution back in 1997 – to empower communications in order to make the world a better place where people can understand one another in their own language and thereby able to cooperate with no more language barriers across the globe. With this passion and determination, Welbizsolution began its mission of ‘Empower Communications’ in April 1997.

Today, this mission of ‘Empower Communications’ is accomplished with our personable, reliable, high quality delivery service of language and technology solutions to our clients. We, as the leading pioneer in Asia believes in giving true and reliable translated and localized Asian renditions of our clients’ contents which many a times clients find are not easy to comprehend its local culture and uniqueness.

What is also special in the beginning and still is today with Welbizsolution is the notion of ‘Care & Quality’the heart and soul of Welbizsolution. As such, Welbizsolution infuses quality and special care into every single step of our localization effort performed by our highly responsible dedicated teams, and also within every pulse beat of our interactions with our clients. Because we care, we keep innovating new cost-effective solutions and technology that helps our clients to do more with less, and thus our company name ‘Welbizsolution’.

Today, Welbizsolution is highly regarded by our clients as the leading Asia Pacific expert in providing them reliable deliveries. This can be seen from the accolades which you can find under the sections named ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Qualifications & Awards’. 

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