Welbizsolution is a technology-driven language services provider with a mission to deliver high quality localization solutions through a customer-centric, partnership approach. We offer the following competitive advantages: 

Full-Service Solutions:
Welbizsolution provides a single source for all our clients’ language needs, including translation, interpretation, cultural consulting, ISEO/ISEM, marketing transcreation, multimedia localization (including voice-overs and subtitling), functional and linguistic testing, and more. 

Low-Overhead Business Model: 
Our strategically located production centers operate with an in-house business model that allows our specialized linguists, desktop publishing experts, website/software engineers, project managers, and resource managers to work in a highly collaborative environment. By combining the world’s best in-country experts with our centralized production and account management teams, we eliminate the overhead typically associated with language production. This allows our clients to enjoy high quality language services at a fraction of current market prices—often at savings of up to 35%. 

Commitment to Quality:
We firmly believe that “Quality is the boss who pays our salary.” To that end, Welbizsolution employs an ISO 9001:2008-certified Quality Management System, as well as a highly regarded, proprietary Linguistic Qualifications & Awards Program which all our linguists must pass. Our proven methodologies, cutting-edge technology, and high quality standards set us apart from our competition. Our outstanding service has helped us form long-term partnerships with many of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies including Siemens, SAP, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Sybase, SAS, Convergys, Autodesk, Rockwell Automation, Canon, PTC, Logitech, ExxonMobil, Skype, Agilent Technologies and Chrysler. 

Commitment to Our Employees:
At Welbizsolution, our people are our greatest strength and our most enduring competitive advantage. As a worldwide company, we hire talent from around the globe. Our employees come from a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and expertise—all of which help to shape our workplace. We are committed to the development, improvement, and refinement of our employees’ originality, individuality, and personality. As a result, Welbizsolution boasts relatively low turnover in an industry where average employee tenure is less than two years. 

Scalable Solutions:
With over 300 full-time employees and more than 3,000 certified linguists and subject-matter experts, Welbizsolution has the resources, infrastructure, and systems to support the growing requirements of our clients. We are large enough to be truly scalable yet small enough to make your organization a priority. 

Track Record of Client Satisfaction:
As a leading provider of language solutions, Welbizsolution enjoys an excellent reputation among its clients for high quality deliverables. For nearly two decades, we have been a strategic, long-term partner to many Global 1000 companies and multi-language localization vendors. Our client retention rate is an impressive 95% as measured over a five year period. The largest percentage of our growth is due to client retention and increased business from existing clients. 

Modular, Easy-to-Use Technology:
Welbizsolution’places strong emphasis on the development and use of innovative solutions. Our internal and client-facing technology minimizes the management of localization projects by automating many otherwise manual tasks, resulting in significant cost and time savings. Our technology is modular as opposed to ‘one-size-fits-all’ and is applied to meet the specific requirements of our clients. 

Financial Stability:
Welbizsolution is privately held with no long-term financial obligations and a 16-year track record of growth and profitability—an important consideration when selecting a long-term localization partner. 

Social Responsibility:
Welbizsolution is committed to making positive contributions to our communities, to respecting the environment, and to creating a greener workplace. We continually work together with our employees, our partners, and our clients to implement business practices that reduce carbon emissions, such as telecommuting, recycling, paperless invoicing, responsible business travel, and more. 

The Cutting Edge: 
Welbizsolution is an expert and pioneer in many of latest industry trends, including Machine Translation, crowdsourcing, social media, and more. Our experts consult with each client to determine the best solutions to help them meet their goals of improved brand recognition and increased market share. 

Industry Expertise:
Welbizsolution’ production teams are comprised of specialized linguists, copywriters, project managers, and desktop publishers—all of whom have hands-on, industry-related experience in the fields for which they translate. We are a leading provider of language solutions to the following industries: 

Aerospace & Aviation
Education & E-Learning
Traval & Hospitality
Automation & Manufacture
Business Management & BI
Electronics & Telecommunications
IT & Software
Life Sciences

An Operations-driven Approach:
Most localization providers are sales-driven and revenue-oriented, promising flawless deliverables at the lowest possible price without considering the true cost of quality. The result? Once a salesperson has closed the deal, the production team must find a way to deliver on the promises while still making a profit. To achieve this, corners must often be cut. At Welbizsolution we take a different approach. Our sales team reports directly to operations, and our Operations personnel are involved in the sales cycle from Day 1. Because we price quality into our rates from the beginning, our clients can be confident we will deliver the right quality at the right price…every time. In other words, we would rather lose a project than lose our reputation. This philosophy has helped us build a reputation for quality that is unmatched in our industry.

Our Chinese Expertise

Welbizsolution recognizes that a primary key to success in Asia is maintaining good guanxi (personal and business relationships). For nearly two decades, Beijing-based Welbizsolution has provided proven solutions to help its clients succeed in China’s vibrant, rapidly changing business environment. Because we are familiar with the challenges foreign companies face in China, our solutions focus on risk reduction rather than naïve optimism.

Our reputation in China is unparalleled. 

•  We are an active member of the Council of Translators Association of China (TAC) and were named a “Top 10 Excellent Translation Enterprise” by this same organization from 2009 to 2012.
•  We were named China’s “Most Influential Translation Provider” in 2010 and 2011 by China Daily.
•  We serve as the Chinese-based Advisory Committee Board members of Localization Institute, an international body HQ in USA.
•  Our Managing Director and COO both serve as visiting lecturers on Beijing University’s Master of Translation faculty.

Welbizsolution’ APAC expertise is unmatched by any of its competitors, which is why both end clients as well as many translation companies turn to us for APAC localization.

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